mercredi 11 novembre 2015


Hi every one,

I only have a free day on this 11th November in Peru where I am now.
After the awesome trip in Bolivia and the BLOQUEando festival, I flew by plane to Peru in Lima which is the capital.
For the first week I did a lot of conferences who gave me again the reason why I am traveling and why I keep going my messages for the handicap.
How the handicap changed my life on the better way, I got many embraces for the first talk in the University of Bautista. Some autistic people joined us to share also their experience.

to be honest, I never had in all my career so many hugs from people. I fell a lot of love and on my opinion it is why my friend Jure Breceljnik made the Wild One documentary. He believed I had to talk to the world.
On the joke now for 2 months, I decided to be the President of the World, even it is not true, and I call people to join the spirit of the love. "Peace and Love" was a slogan few years ago and I am pretty sure we all forget this principe.

An other sentences I heard from Bolivian and Peruvian people who embarrass me a bit like : "you are like El Che Guevarra" and "you arrived on the right time in this fuc...g society".
What I have to hear? I understand that we need space, love, humanity, confidence, trusts and etc.
How come we have- I included myself - a short memory of the past. We made two world wart and we are making the third one : the social war.
Our presidents are so smarts than everything goes on their sides, especially the money.
What is about the appearance with people? Who are we to judge people with an handicap? who are we to decide we have to be perfect front of the society system? Where are we going?
I take my responsibility to write and to spray this message all around the world? Some people can think - I will not blame them- that I am a pretentious man but I have my conscience to be part of the world. We like or not but the fact is I will not close my mouth. because I say some true.

After  recharging my batteries with the love, i went to Pirca and the Base Camp to make slideshows and clinics, I went to a new place called "Escomarca" where I find again a tonne of boulder. Amazing place with a bunch of potential! thank to Manolo to drive me there with his wife, Valeria and the little one Marie-jose. We were at 3700m altitude and I guaranty you that the climbing conditions changes a lot. I was not able to send an hard boulders but I was enjoying so much the silent and the peace that the climbing was not so important.

Thanks to the MON VERTICAL to prepare all this full planning and especially to Magda Chumpitaz to be my assistant for these two weeks
Thank to Vila Santa Hotel
Thank to BASE CAMP and Manolo
thank to PIRCA Climbing Gym
Thanks to have read my text and see you in Colombia.

Philippe Ribiere

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  1. Thanks Philippe for your Visit to our country!!!!

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