mercredi 4 novembre 2015


I am really sorry not to give any news since the last July.
After the hard summer, I went home to recharge my batteries to prepare the next trip for the winter.
Between this, I was opening many boulders in my secret place in Ardeche which took me a lot of time. I was also preparing a movie to show you all potential I could find there and I am really glad to get bunch of boulders.

Now we are the 4th november and I am in Peruvia after a trip in Bolivia for the last two weeks. Sure I could tell you everything but for now  - it is late - I can show you only an interview I made in ATB television (Bolivia) with the Miss Universe 2010.

I wish to give you more news soon.
with Claudio Marce, Miss Universe 2010

Some pictures of the Bolivia trip we could see in the next french magazine

Philippe Ribiere

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