mardi 15 juillet 2014

EPIC TV : second episode

Here you can watch the second episode in EPIC TV

Video made by Neil Hart

dimanche 13 juillet 2014


One month ago I showed you my talk for the TEDex Vaugirard in live streaming.
Now you can see the modifications. There is still a problem with the micrtophone but at least it is good!
Sorry for the french language.

See you soon

Philippe RIBIERE

mardi 8 juillet 2014

Article in Evening Sends

Here you can read an article on the Evening Sends

EVO is dead

As you don't know if you are not following me on the Facebook's social network I got an accident.
Not guilty at all, the last thursday I had an accident with a car. The drivers was maybe sleeping or checking his phone and at this end he bit me.

I am really sorry for him who also destroyed his car. In fact it was his car but at his company.

Well! Doesn't matter I went to the hospital to check my little injury which could be harder if I was not strong enough to get the pain.

Now I am homeless until I will found a new van to explore more the europe and to have more adventures.

I am sorry to give you this horrible new but the life is life.

And nobody can't escape at this problem

See you