samedi 1 septembre 2018

SOLEDAD : New line on Es Pontas's Arch

during my first travel in 2007 with some friends, I checked the line near the Sharma's Es pontas which is graded 9a. 11 years later, I had the chance to try the "Soledad", that I graded 6a/b just on the left side of the Arch.
for 3 days in France, all medias are shared videos and interviews about this ascent. Because the list is too long I only can purpose you one of them and the TV news.

Thanks to the Puzzle Media to follow me on my adventures and to prepare a new documentary with me.
Thanks to Sam Bie for pictures that medias delete his copyright name
Thanks to my agent Anne to work hard to expose my little face on french media

See you for the next adventures... Philippe Ribiere