dimanche 1 juin 2014


Long time it did not happen to me to stay so long in France. There are many reasons to explain it. Only main reasons are I have to stay for some lectures and for the TEDex Vaugirard for the 12th June in Bobino's theatre. I benefit also to train many times in Vertical Art, Antrebloc and Bloc Age's climbing gyms for the new Paraclimbing season which is not so good for me this year. Well!

One time I went with Neil Hart and friends to look up to the hell to film the sunset. And on the way back I see right away the boulder which could be good for me. I mean that I had to get one enough strong to spend 3 sessions on the work and to not do in one session.

Fews days later I went back to check if I was not so dreaming about the boulder and I started to clean up. It was cool because not so much works on it. To not be so excited I decided to leave it for some days. Between I came back for the game, many nice things happens to me.., and I said to myself "Philippe, if you don't try you will never know if it is too hard or too easy..so? "
31st May, I went to try but before I spent one afternoon with one british woman who had also a project in the Bois Rond area. So close she is! In the same she reminds me to go on my project. I just was waiting the end of the day to get the cold air. 2 hours later I wear my climbing shoes. Tries after tries I start to think I was too much expecting that I will crush it like in the dream. For once I touched the hardest crimp I never had grab and I started to reach the top to almost finish it. And you know when it is like this? Never loose your concentration until this end. So I slept with my left foot and felt on the crash pad. Oh damned I was so close!!! Half hour later, the magical story of climbing turns to my advantage and...this is the end. Check it out the movie!!! I would love to say "Hvala Lepa to Urh Cehovin who train me".

 The name f this new boulder is "DIVIJI FITNESS"

Diviji fitness from Info RIBIERE on Vimeo.

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