mardi 27 mai 2014

FONT : Ascent of "Le Gruyere"

Once in my trips during almost 4 years, I decided to go to "Gruyere" in Elephant spot. This year i just went to check the top and to found which sequences could be right for me. I rested for 20mn and then Mrs Nature starts to rain and she pushed me to go on try. My friend Stephan Denys was there to take some pictures. After 2mn I was on the top! So happy I am and so glad to manage this 8m wall with only 2 crash pads. Thanks god to make me stronger and happy! Here some pictures of this ascent of " Le Gruyere" in Font. For sure it is not the best performance but still it is really long movements for me. Whenever I did it and I am proud of myself! It is rare and unique to get this adrenaline. Thanks to meet the Buddha's face in the forest!!!

LE GRUYERE Philippe RIBIERE MAY 2014 from Info RIBIERE on Vimeo.

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  1. You are awesome :) Rock on dude, keep pushing the limits and continue to be an inspiration to people all across the globe.