vendredi 13 juin 2014

Tedex Vaugirard

First time I heard about Tedex it was in Slovenia in 2012, after the Wild One projection in the north of this beautiful country. After a simple drink, a woman came to ask me if I could be interested to do a talk in this amazing talk show. To be honest I did not check at all what it could be but I accepted the proposition. Definitely the project did not come but...

In october 2013, after the small documentary in the french channel about my parcour, Tedex Vaugirard composed of the two protagonist persons : President, Stephane Roger and the Co-editorial Caroline Carlicchi contacted me to propose me the same invitation that the slovenian woman. We had a meeting in Paris to talk about this invitation. I do remember that my first question was " Why me? Did I do something wrong? After 1hour of talking, we agreed to make the project until the end. Since october to June 2014, we had a lot of exchanges by Skype or some meetings in France when I was crossing the country in my travels. To be honest it was not so easy to express my life in 15mn and what I would love to say front of the public. Many questions, many discussions...

The 13rd may I met the other speakers to have the first rehearsal. It was not so easy to hear all stories which are full of emotions. Every one has his own story and to speak front of us - speaker- was not the easiest exercise. But...what was interesting in this challenge? To know myself from learning people. I guess it is the best way to learn about myself and to not be shy about to explain what was hard in my life. On the joke, I will say the same sentence from my slovenian friend : What is wrong with me? The answer is : Me the 12th june came really fast. Do I am ready to talk front of the public? Even I do for several years during my slideshow in the climbing gym, cinemas, handicap institutions, french embassies, etc. Do I am right with my talk? I would love to say more but I have only 15mn on the stage. And so what? My only one reason to do this Tedex talk is that I could be just myself and honest with myself. And then I will be happy to not cheat to people because I will be lying to myself too.

It is 7.30pm.
We are in the Bobino's theatre in Paris.
We all are preparing ourself. Make up. dress up, etc.

Almost 8pm, the first talker goes on the stage. Oh damned I don't remember my speach at all. I start to be worry but I know that when I will be on the stage, every sentences will flow. I am the third one. My partner on my right takes my hand. My heard is speeding but I calm down..(thanks the effect of climbing to be in the peace).
The speaker calls me. Applause of the public. I look front of me and I see 700 people. Waow!!
I start : "we are the 12th march 1977, in Fort de France, in Martinique's island. It is the my birth. I am Judicael. I have 11 fingers, deformed feet, short arms and my face present symptoms of the Rubenstein-Taby's syndrome. Front of my difference and for X reasons, my biologic parents abandonned me."

3mns later my microphone has some problems. A technician comes on the stage to fix it. Doesn't work! I have to go on the backstage. The public applause me but I don't really hear. I am just focus on my text and to not be disturb by this nice attention.
I am back on the stage. My talks goes with more power and self-confident.
I am Philippe. I am me.
12mns later, I say the last sentence and take my time..."And tonight, my to say...thank you".
A big standing ovation... I am calm and I won't realize what I did.
I seat on my seat and I am checking. I am really sweating. I am thirsty and I start to cry with the happiness. All emotions goes out and I am happy for it!
1am in the morning I left from the theatre
1hour later I am in the Font's forest...
It was not a dream.
To watch the livestream, I am on the second one

Philippe RIBIERE

3 commentaires:

  1. Très belle leçon de vie !
    D'autant plus que cette discipline me parle :)
    J'ai eu grand plaisir à vous écouter, merci.

  2. Merci d être qui vous êtes. J ai eu la chance et le privilège d assister à votre Ted talk, avec beaucoup d émotion et d admiration. Un moment fort. Merci encore.

  3. J'étais présente au TED dans le public et votre talk a été un des moments qui m'ont le plus touché de la soirée, un grand merci à vous :)