lundi 7 janvier 2013

Some explanations

Just to share my experience in the competition, I would love to jump again on the last post. In fact, like I said I lost my love with the climbing for the last 2 months. Sometimes we can not found any explanations for everything. For myself, even do I know some deep feelings I can't tell exactly why I lost this feeling love for my sport.
Ardeche, France

Hopefully when I was in Slovenia during the promotional tour, I have the intelligence to go in the climbing gym with my friends Urh Cehovin who was also a competitor 10 years ago. He pushed me to train on the harder and the most complicate movements I can not do. but with exercises, knowledges and trusts, everything is "possible" after 2 weeks, I went back to France with a new motivation but not fixed at all and some extras kilos. How to manage your futur with these elements? I went back "home" in the Ardeche region to spend the Christmas and New Year Eve parties. Always when I feel something I spoke also with my close friends and later I found out my solutions. It is for that it is really important to kno where you come from and who is your "real" friends. Friends are not always for the good time. They also share your bad time and the talking. Why I speak about it? I am in the curve of my life where I do many thing in the same time. For sure I won't complain because it is not my style but you have also to know that I am not a "super-hero", a "movie-star" or else. I am just Philippe!
I am glad to have some talents who are exposed now in the Wild One film and it is the best gift I never got! Jure Breceljnik is my filmaker and also my friend. He fight a lot to make this "awesome" film and just that prove me that when you have some dreams, it is better to not think too much and...just GO!
So I try to explain in this text that it is not always sure to be a good athlete, a good singer, filmaker or else...The only thing is to believe about our own dreams....At the end the climbing is like the love. More you are looking for that, more and more you don't found. So when you stop to found the love, you found it! So the climbing is like this, less him to come to you.

Rocklands, South Africa

So at the end, if I am not anymore in the french Paraclimbing Team it is because it was already wroten.

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