lundi 21 janvier 2013

1st training session for the French Paraclimbing Team

It is with a big pleasure I write this texte...
Last week-end 18-20th Janurary we had a training during 2 days with the French Paraclimbng Team in Marseille in 2 locations : La Boite A Grimpe and Altissimo.
To be honest, before we were waiting to know if each other will keep his place on the team. I guess It was at this periode I recognized I can be loose my place and it is important. Because now I really feel like an athlete and included in the process in the world competition. It means I got really more pleasure and the motivation to fight to keep my place and for sure to enjoy the next competitions. 
Copyright - Auriana Beaute 

Now I am in but still I have so much works to do before to wish to get a podium because my friends and others climbers will not wait for me. They are really stronger to compare at 6 months ago. Even do I am professional climber it is not for that I am he stronger and it is a good lesson for the ego feelings. Slap on my face! The second thing is I can't compare my handicap with one of my partners. It is an important pointless to not go on the wrong way or to get some bad comments. We are champions but first we are humans!
Copyright - Auriana Beaute 

Fro myself, I just got (finally) this adrenaline, the addiction and the real motivation to defend my place for the next competitions but the first point is to get the envy and the happiness on the wall!

For sure, I say "welcome" for the new members in the team : Oriane Defoourne, Serge Laurencin et Mathieu Barbe

Good luck for everyone!

Philippe Ribiere

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