vendredi 4 janvier 2013

Back to the motivation


After many months between  travels (Macedoinia, Argentina, Slovenia), I missed the motivation to climb on the rock. After the World Championships in Paris, I was disappointed by myself to not found the good spirit to compete and I must to fixe it !
After the promotional tour, I find the way to get back the motivation in Ardeche (France) where i climbed  with my friends. One of them showed me a problem that I never thought it could be for me. But firstly I finished one old project is called "La serrure Stand up".Secondly I went on this "Obelix" project. It is high of 5metres and to be honest when I tried the first movements I thought that my friends got crazy. After 1 hour I find out the beggining! Let explain you what about it!
First I started with a "no crimp" who is the between of the slopper the crimp. then trying to stand upp and to put an hell-hook . Then to switch my feet to found a second right hell to reach the second hard sklopper in my right hand. when I was there I always fell because I didn't trust my third hell. doesn't matter I stayed in focus on this movement to wish that the second day should be better.
What happened the next day? I woke up with the sun to get warm during the morning and finally I find the courage and the motivation to try again.
One try to warming up, I thought I should take my chance to have so many crash pads and the good spotters. I took 15 minutes of the resting and ....action. After 2 minutes I was on the top of this project that I never considered that I could be posible to do it in 2 sessions. Well done! I am really proud of myself and especially to get back this passion with the climbing! Finally!!!

It is really cool also to get these feelings before the selection for the French Paraclimbing Team for the 2013 season.

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