vendredi 10 juin 2011


Hi everybody,

I am really lazy to write something on my blog last fews weeks after Italy. I need to admit that I like a lot the training for Arco. I am a bit stress by the situation. But something today gave me an opportunity to realize that if I go, it is for myself. I mean that It is not to prove or to be proud what I did in the past to represent the disabled climber. Yes I am but for the competition, this idea need to go away because it is not good for my climbing. I wil trie my best to enjoy this chance to participe at the !st World Championship Paraclimbing. It is almost an honor.
Otherwise, I will post later an article about what it is mean the happiness and the love for myself. Why ? It is not a fantasy to share with you. It is the subject of Wild One's movie...and it is universal phantasm. I hope that you will read without emotions, or expecting about it. Even if you feel in love for someone right now. You should be objective and I trie my maximum relativity.See you next time for this subject...
So after 2 moths to work on the Wild One's movie, we wants to share a funny movie and to tell you that the film progress. CLICK HERE TO SEE >>>>

Thanks to support me and Thanks to share

Peace and Love

Your Funky "drama" french Space Cow-Boy

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