lundi 16 mai 2011

Fresh air in Val Daone

During one month, I spend my time front this f**** laptop to do the translation of the WILD ONE's movie and the time on the training.
I fell really tired this fews days and I needed some new air. For that, I went in the second step of the Bouldering World Cup who was in Ljublijana to support my favorite climber Natalija Gros who is an example of the technical and also my close friend.
For sure, I also got some news energies from the french team with the winner who was really genious on this cup. It was a long time that I never see the french team who was really relax and to show at everyone that we can count on them to disturb the ranking. Thanks you Guillaume Glairon-Mondet, Loic Gaidioz, Fabien Comina and François Kaiser to motivate me in the other side. Hey guys, I wish to become in the first line, next time. Can i ?
Just the time to click my eyes that the week-rnd was done. Damned ! It was a such nice time....
This time came the next day, I went with friend, Martina, to climb in Val Daone and to take the freedom. Halleluja !
Val Daone is a valley near Arco (around 1h) on the north in the direction of Daone. I came here last 2 years ago during the Evolution Tour. I admit that it was a back on roots to walk and to park on the same parking close one boulder. It was my home for 2 weeks. To see again this place, I fell my positive vibes about the freedom and the happiness. I love this place so quiet with the river who separate the valley and to hang around the boulders. It is the life !
I saw some proress in my climbing who is really interesting for the second part of my training. Sometimes during the week, I thought that I lost my time to hang around the climbing world. I mean that if I had discovered sooner the training and some people who can teach me the technical, the diet and anything else. Maybe I could be stronger but the world was not building in one day. Some say in 7 days...

I fell also after some meeting with doctors and scientists that my muscles can work like everyone. I mean that in my climbing style, I don't use the muscles of arms. I grab the hold and I push down. You, climber, grab the hold and then you close your muscles. It is the big difference between you and me.
Otherwise, I know right now that I can fixe this muscles and to wish to access at the superior level. It is super cool !
Martina on the edge
Now, to finish this text, I return on my translation.

Like says the slovenian people : AJDE and HVALA

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