jeudi 3 septembre 2009



Some words to exprim that during 5days, it was up and down. First things, the people are not really sympathique and i was really difficult for a guy like me who like to meet some people and discover their culture. Same in the climbing, if you don't know the scandinave style who is : don't simle and don't talk with someone. And too, with my gangsta face, they are afraid ! Damned ! Hopefully, the must of the nature is so cool like the squirrel !
So, i finded two small place for the bouldering and i shows you the best with only one picture.
After several days of wandering between the Open Air Mueum and Koivusari, finally i found a friends. It was the first days of the university. Looks me that, it's not great ? Amaizing !
Yesterday, i was in french ambassade and i was really disapointed because no body came for heard my lecture. I was hungry by that because here, in Helsinki, there is a culture for the physical. Everybody is beautiful, everybody runs in the street...It's so much and when there is a special people who comes for exchange the different culture...Nothing ! It's stupid and normal because they're just 5 millions of the people and there is not competition (or fighting). But i said " the time change"...
Hopefully, today i was in the primar "french" school (Jules Verne) and it was so funny ! The kids are so beautiful and respect myself. I enjoyed this moment and so, why the adult is so strange ! I would like to return in children. But i'am a kids everytime that why i'm sad sometimes to look the moderne society.

Thanks the kids, i will remeber that. Oups, a tear falls on my laptop.
Now, i goes in Bembole during 3 days before the ferry in sunday.

Next program :
- 7 septembre : Conference Ecole Française à Stocholm
- 9 septembre : Lecture at Oslo in Vulkan Klatrehall à partir de 6:00 pm maridalsveien 17 - 0175 OSLO

Philippe Ribiere

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