jeudi 10 septembre 2009

EVOLUTION TOUR : Back to Norway


After my lecture in the french school, i was mouving in Namaky place for the boulder but i'm the best looser in the world. Why ? I searched the place with the topo guide but i didn't find. Amaizing ! So, after 3hours, i had opening a new boulder are athe village and i was climbing in this project. So hard for the moment ! After that, i taken the ferry to come back in Sweeden.
I slept outside on the back of the ferry just to 5hours and after i was sick. Damned !
When we stooped in Kappelskar (close Stockholm), i had driving just like this and finally after 5 hours, i was in Goetborg for decided to continue in Oslo. Results : 9 hours.
Two days later, i met my friends Einar in Tokerud. It's a new place for the boulder. I was happy to meet some other people like a pretty girl : Ida. Looks that !*
With Ida

The 9th spetember, i did my lecture in the Vulkan Klatterhall. It was so nice with 20 peoples and with the french ambassador. More infos here>>>
Left to right - Mr Duclos, French Ambassador Mme Collet, me, Kari of fédération climbing norway, Kalle of Vulkan Klatterhall

After that, goes in the bar with Kristina, Kalle and two womens...i had continue the private lecture. hihihiii !

Now, it's the rest days and tomorow i will goes in Tokerud and Oppsal and maybe to stay some couple days.

See you soon

Philippe Ribiere

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