samedi 29 août 2009


Hi everybody,

I writes from the Mr. Don's coffee. Hihihih ! It'sa sign !
So, after two days for goes in the sweeden north to take a ferry, i am in the famous yown : Helsinki.
During the travers, i stayed 8 hours on the ferry and i did the sauna, to sleep, to eat and to sleep. Genious program no ?
I put this picture because i loves the money ! Thanks for that ! Like this there is the wars every where in this world. Thanks Babylone !

After i driven two hours for the town and to find a quiet place for sleeping. That was a long time that i haven't sleep well like this. And today i visited the city and what's my supris. There is a lot of pretty girls everywhere like in the Disney Land or what you wants. Now i'm a little blind. damned !
At one moment, i looked the fixe man who he haven't the money in his hate and i searched in my bus my famous box where there is the euros money and i given all ! There was just like 5€ and i given my visit card and my poster. He was so happy and i said "good bye" just with my smile !
After i looked in the stadium where there is European Womens Soccer. Amaizing ! There is a lot of the girls kids who played the football. So strange to have that and to look a beer sponsor. Hips ! And what i saw ! A strange machin ! You want to be quiet and look that !
Hopefully, there was a black superman for change that !
See you
Philippe Ribiere

NB : my next programs
-3th september : Lecture in the college school
- 9th september : Lecture in Oslo

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