jeudi 17 septembre 2009

EVOLUTION TOUR : Norway 2 and Back to Hono

How to say "Good bye" at the scandinavie countries ? Probably, nothing is possible but just i would to see again some problems area Oslo and to discover the new place like Tokerud. Ok ! Tokerud is a place like a bouldering gym and it's so sharp but it's easy to goes here after the work. I tries during 2 days, one 6c problem. First reason, it wasn't my style with verticla jungs and with the overhang. Why to try ? Because i neeed to disover my body and my powerfull for progress in my pratice.
Just one days, i came back in Hellerud. Ok ! cool day !
After couple days in Oslo, we goes with Ogstein at the small place "Sandefjord". So quiet !

Next morning, i decided to goes back in Hono's island in Sweeden. Waouw ! I was impressionate by the new color of the beach, the sea and the silent around the island. Nobody, no tourist, no noise...just me and the environment. Pure plaisur and i fell like Robinson, alone and free. So amaizing ! i love that. Just a advice : do you watched the "Little big Man". So incredible at the end when the indian chief said :
Comes and to fight with me
Thanks you for be a human being,
Thanks to be an warrior
Thanks for my victories and for my defeates
Thanks to give me the view and to have blind to see further
You make all creatures and guide them on the way of "Grand Father"
Now you have to return the humans to silence
We'll walk on the way who leads nowhere.

After to have say that, i fell the tears poured down my checks.
I enjoyed and i enjoys my new spirit with the natural. I love the true human. I love my angel, my lairies, my feelings...i love my life !

Thanks !

Everything is nice but i drive two days to goes back in Dortmund in Free Climber before to Stanage and Ireland.

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