jeudi 20 août 2009


Hi everybody,

So ! Since last week, i'm in Kjugekull - the famous place - in Sweeden.
I would like to talk about many things.
I start with the weather who was so bad during one week with just three days with sunny weather. I was climbing for learn what is the style here. So, sometimes, the grade is strange : o
r easy or really hard.
One day, i found a nice problems for me just near the famous "Everybody wants tries, nobody wants died". I tried just two sessions and i fell that it was possible to sends it.
But two days, i was so bad because i've a strange sick in my sthomach and i was going in the hospital for nothing. What is the problem ? I've a big cramp and i could'nt to sleep anymore because i was so sick : no sleeping for one night. i was scarried and i thought that it was the good moment for died. Hopefully, i've an angel who protect me and i resolve and i take again my power.
Yesterday, i was alone for trie again the third session in my problems. And i WON at 9 :00 pm
I'm happy now and i want to say at my angel : Thanks you.
Now i'm in the town between two buldings to found the internet and to post this message. There is a lot of pretty girls here. Waouw !!!

After this day, I taken two rest days for my skin who is cut everywhere.
Often, you need to discover a new challenge in your life. I find that ! I needed to shoot a pictures for my next movie about this journey because when i did my 6c problem, the view was so dark. So i returned with Jonas photographer. But before i was in the place where one day (really tired), i didn't understood the easy 6a problem. Finally with two rest days, i finished the first mouvment who is a very nice swing for myself. Normally, i 'm sure that somebody take immediatly the hold but i most to jump for catch the crimpie. Waouw ! I was happy and i was understood immediatly that i can be sad in my mind after something in my private life : that i can restart immediatly for a new way. We need -everybody- to accept the defeates. It's very important for progress in my life and to understand that the life isn't beautiful everyday. I taken this defeate for boulder very well.
And i continues my history...Second goal, to make picture in 6c problem. Really funny, i did the probleme two times. Crazy day ! So happy, i goes in my new project in 6b+ with a long traverse and after three tries....I sends it !
Ah ah ah ahahhhhhaaahhh ! Funky day ! Give me one beer please and let's goes to music !
Now i goes in Helsinki !

See you everybody !
hilippe Ribiere

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