vendredi 7 août 2009

EVOLUTION TOUR : Hono's Island

Hi evrybody,

Small words for show you my place where i am now. It's just close to Goetborg and after one week with the rain and my depresh (feelings), i take the power like "Little Big Man".
High ball of 10 metres...scarrie with only on e crash pad

I found the famous site where there is an high balls. I wanted to climb this one because i'm little stupid and i wanted to prove at me that i can do it. But it's not an exemple because the life is so beautiful for decide to died. I don't organize this climb because it's at the moment what you can fall. Take care ! Don't try alone !

After some days, i found this 6c problem with 7 metres. There is one mouv where i am short. It's pitty because it's an nice boulder but sometimes when you're're small.

So now i leave of this port and i goes to swim. Just an advertesting, the night was at 15° and the day it's maximal 24°...

Philippe Ribiere

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