mardi 28 juillet 2009

EVOLUTION TOUR : Bergen and Goetborg

After my dark post, i find my energies somewhere in the univers cause i met in the sky an angel protect me in this world.
Well ! I was disqppointed by the weather in Bergen (Norway) and that´s why i got down in Oslo. But directly after 8 hours, i was a little surpris that here it´s not better. So after two rests days for nothing. i decided to do it something or not i could died. I taken my climbing staff and i cleaned up some boulders area the town. If you are not a looser as me, you could find the sites. If you wants to come...Check it here >>> 
To clean a new boulder

Two places are really cool but with the rain, i was climbing just 2
 su much. Why it´s so bad ! I want to discover many things but without the motivation ; you can goes directly in the hospital. I was really sad for one week and i didn´t understand  !
Welcome in sweeden...

Now, it´s finish to make a fun and i rejoin my friends in Sweeden (Goetborg) after Said Belhaj and Lafouche who are happy to meet me in the scandinavie countries. So incredible for them and myself !
Now, i am with Said for the fews days and today i sends it my first 6b+ made in Sweeden. I am happy to find the energies in the natural. 
Working 6c+
The next days, i will be in Hono and Okcero who are two place for the bouldering. It´s just a small island to close the city just for one or two´s depend of the weather....Check it >>>

Otherwise, my star told me that there is a secret wish and i could catch it. the futur life !!! 

Philippe Ribiere

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