jeudi 3 novembre 2016


Hello everyone,

I present you a video made by Tchalo production but before....

NOTE for the other climbers in Ardeche and else

In the movie, I don't notice some places that I find in my area.

When I am talking about these 5 spots I included :

Gargambol : in may 2015, everything was covered by branches and mouse. If somebody opened before me this area, it was not clear and not showed the marks of development. Then I cleaned up

Riverside: all rocks covered by mouse. Not cleaned at all! Then I cleaned up

Slidestone: we can see in the movie, the large and hug pyramid on the top of the hell. Everything was under the mouse. Then I cleaned up

Lorenzo's place: Impossible that local climber saw it because it is a private land.from a farmer. I asked him and then I cleaned up

Chamier: I never said I find "Chamier" by myself. I have to apologize for people who misunderstood my sentences. And after it, I can understand that they can be made. But obviously, I spent one year in this place and only one time, only 2 persons (they will recognize themselves) came to help me to clean up 2 boulders.. And truly they find the Chamier place during the 2010 year to pen 10 lines on 2 boulders. Doesn't change many thing for you guys but I have to clear the situation of Chamier part.

In plus, those local climbers who are judging me  You have to know that it is a portrait movie and not a boulder movie talking about discovering or else. Don't mix up two different subjects.

For these concerned people , probably my english is not your asset. Before to judge me, just call me.

Philippe Ribiere
-NO CODES- Phillipe Ribière from Tchaloproductions on Vimeo.

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