jeudi 13 octobre 2016


Hello every one,

I know that this post should get more interested the french people.
Last Sunday 9th October, we made with the Montigny-le-Bretonneux an event that I dressed 13 years ago for the Paraclimbing category

On my opinion, as all things and especially in the politic part, I feel rejected by the french organization who suppose to support me a little. This federation took everything she wanted and for free without any consideration for my works for all 12 years ago.
My sarcastic sentence is to explain that one day, you are in and another day, you are out.

So on, I really wish that paraclimbers will awake as soon as possible to see and to recognize the paraclimbing category is really going on the wrong way. I wish they will understand that federations abuse (to read with brackets) them just because of the Olympics. At least this olympicorganization is the best stealer, the honest lier of the world after all governments, That is the life!

I just publish a picture to encourage and to thank the volunteers of the Handi-Grimpe's event who support the foundation, for 13 years. Thanks!!!

TO READ the french article >>>>

Philippe Ribiere

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