lundi 4 mai 2015

WILD ONE: promotional 2

Last year, after to have published one movie on my Vimeo account, I got a "like" from a woman. This woman makes some animations, she is freelancer. I fell in love with these simple animations because mostly like I say : it is simple.
I contacted her around october/november 2014. I ordered a new visual to promote differently my WILD ONE film.
My disappointment is when I realized that kids can't really understand what means the teaser. This way is the most simple visual to attract them just because this is by them that the handicap opinion will change all around the world. No discrimination by the color skin, religion, the handicap and etc.

Children are the best messengers to catch the reality.

Wild One from Laura Dumitru on Vimeo.

Laura Dumitru worked for six month because I was always hard to get on the phone, But she made it. If you want see her works, don't hesitate one second and go for it :

I think I have not to talk more about her talent and how the simple animation makes more sensitive my film. I wrote the poetry in 2006 for my first short movie (still not translated): Singularity. It was an universal for the world. After it, in 2009 during my Evolution Tour, I stopped in France in the famous Natural Games where I was invited by the DJEMDI band. They gave me the opportunity to sing and to jungle the fire on the stage front, at least, 20 000 people.

It was my best experience ever. Thankfully,. I had a second opportunity to show up my poetry in my own movie "WILD ONE" that you should watch once in your life.

From my heart and my soul, all my congratulations to Laura Dumitru and Cristian Simion to release my prophesy.

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