vendredi 9 septembre 2011

WILD ONE : Soundtrack

Hi everyone,

Just one new about my lifestyle in Slovenia during the editing of Wild OPne movie.
I present you an extract about the recording with the best and the famous Zllatan Cordic aka Zlatko
It was a nice experience and definitely it is not my type to sing in the rap
I fell like an amateur in the studio but when I strarted to sang I fell in my elements. I like to sing and to push my limits o express what it is instead in myself. It is incredible to write also this song in two days and to have the confirmation what I can do later after the climbing
I am not pretend to be a singer but I think that later it is a way that I should to learn also like the cinema.
So at the end, I give you just a movie about this session and I hope to see for the premiere in Ljublijana in the middle of Janurary and for others coutries I'll come to visit you.

Last words before to take off from Ljublijana, I don't know how to say thank you at you, my slovenia friends.

Thanks you Martina, "ma puce" who support me almost everyday
Thanks you at "my angel" to give me the love
Thanks you at you friends :Luka, Eva, Melissa, Petra, Ajda, Urska,Marina, Miha S, Miha H, Urh, Mina, Monika, Sheilly, Andrej
Thanks you at Tetsa, my editrice
Thanks you at Jure Breceljnik, my producer

I said to you in 6 months...
I wish you the best, love and happiness.


Philippe ft. Zlatko FINAL ok by Evolutiontour

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