samedi 2 avril 2011

Gipsy's Times

After Fontainebleau, we went in Prieure, in the north of Montpellier. We didn't want to get the rain on our faces and so we decided to stay in France cause everywhere in Spain and Italia was shit weather. So finally, it was to visit many friends that I did not see during for 4 years for some. It was so such nice to share moments with them and to appreciate that nothing change.
To be honnest, I'm boring when nothing to move and by opposite, I like to be quiet like today where I rest during two days in Slovenia. Because now my life is here for fews months because we will continue to work on the Wild One movie.
The 2nd April 2011, the FILMIT's company is in Cannes to have an audience with MIPTV. What is that ? If I understood, it's a selection to get some opportunities to develop and to promote your movie. For instance, Wild One is a competition with 5 films on 6000 movies and we waits to know the decision of the organisation. READ MORE HERE

Next monday, I will go to train serioustly and harder that last 2 months ago.

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