vendredi 11 mars 2011

New Life

After all travels around the world last 4 months in Mexico, Usa, Japan, Slovenia, Martinique and India, i fell that my life should be change. How to change ? I decided for one year to live like an official gipsy, I mean, don't have a flat or a studio to be more confortable.
Anyway, I got this felling in India where I saw the povrety and how -us- west human -we exagere a little bit about our situations. Ok for sure we can't comparate but I think we need to calm down when all arabes countries fighting for their freedome. In the west, we have this freedome and so, why we don't benefit it ?
To follow my spirit who is equal with the climbing, I go to Font to start my new training. In fact, if you followed this blog, I went in Japan for the 1st International competition Paraclimbing. Why I speack about it ? When I decided to be a professional climber, I had only one focus to create a new category in the World Cup, even thought it will be hard. I went in the "normal" competitions, meetings, to reply at interviews, to enjoy my times with the best crew : the Petzl Team., etc...Many things to promote the handicap climbing but it doesn't work in the way that I wanted. Like I wanted to help the other disabled climbers to promote theirself but again, not working. Finally after 12 years of work, the Paraclimbing exist with the IFSC. It's super cool, hein ?

The second surprise will be this summer in Arco with the World Championship where the Paraclimbing will be here. That's why now, I train a lot to enjoy my climbing during this competition and by opposit to get a superior level in the boulder. So lucky, I got an assistant who help me in this case and a champion of luxury (European Champion Female).

I can't wait to represent the french countrie and to continue to work on the project of the FILMIT company :

Wild One - a story of Philippe Ribiere /Teaser from Film IT on Vimeo.

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