samedi 20 novembre 2010

WILD ONE in USA : third part

The 18th november, I went in WHITE SANDS Monument to discover the beautiful dunes and to shoot some nice materials for the WILD ONE movie.
When I checked the webpage to see pictures, I thought that it's a fake. We drove with Jure - filmaker- during 2h in the New Mexico and excatly at this place.
So I haven't words to exprime my ideas but only thing, the place is so beautiful, amazing, huge and quiet. I fell energies not so far of Roswel and he came to visit me. I said #hllo man, you remember me? It's me Philippe#. He said #Yes, I know you my friend. It's a long time that I wait you and finally you are here. Welcome in my world#.
Then, i touched the sand and i was really surprise of the perfect color : White. The sand is white, that's so....incredible.
To follow the WILD ONE movie, you can check here and here.

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