mardi 16 novembre 2010

WILD ONE in USA : second part

Welcome in USA with me ! Last week-end, we made 3 lectures with Chad Butrick and Timmy O'Neil in Colorado and the ast one in Boulder. So amazing to see the difference between the europeans and the americans when we talk about the handicap. Wich one ? Very simple : americans don't be afraid to celebrate the handicap person while europeans use all times the compassion that I hate. I fell directly on my face that I am not definetly in the same world ; whatever americans people still free.
New dance of the year...
I less Timmy ad Chad speaking about the lecture :
CHAD : # I would like to start writing thank you notes to those who facilitated our shows and sponsored it. Could I get some assistance with a point of contact list? Thanks! #
TIMMY : # Start by sending a thank you note to yourself. Excellent work chadster. Every company needs at least one note and some really should get a couple. We should brain storm and meet or at least chat about this crucial component of these shows. Happy happy joy joy brother Philippe. I am happy to have shared a stage with you. The final show in boulder was so so so fun. Thanks for existing and keep pushing forward with love climbing music and a beautiful party.#
After I spend a really party with everyone and it's means a lot for me, except Miss Jones.
Hueco's paint
Next das, we run to take the plane for Hueco Tanks where I had a meeting with Ronnie Dickson who is a good inspiration for myself. But i need to be honnest and I think that he is really normal.
We shared 3 days together and as you say that between us we have left indelibile story at Hueoc Tanks. Timidly, I am proud of two of us So nice to meet the people like him. If you wants to now more, watch the next movie.
Now I'm rest for one day also to continue my way in Hueco and then sunday to take a flight for Cuba. Oh yeah !
I am the happiest in the world with my angel, my #puce# and my sweetie Jones, t is rare to feel the emotions and feelings from the best persons like her.
Copyright WILD ONE- Jure Breceljnik

See you. Regards from Hueco Tanks

Philippe Ribiere

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