vendredi 1 octobre 2010

Trip Spain

" Traveling is my love, my passion and my reason to live. To found in this world what is this effects, it willl be really long and complicate to explain. Cause finally, I don't know why I want to leave everytime. Maybe, cause the society is going to crush on the bullshit. Even if I can travel somewhere, it was a risk for myself to learn the defeate when you haven't the cash money, this is it. For sure, this part is esssential but she's not only one. When you wake up, to go in the firm, to work and to finally, to come back just to sleep and to pogress up your child. You can't looking the sunshine, birds, animals and all the natural mystic. Remember last time that you feel the wind on your face and to smell flowers ? I knowed that I was youngest to understand that my life could be like yours. But I decided to live and to discover myself. Am I egoïste ? "

After the trip in Ceuse, I went with my friend, Martina, in Spain where actually, I had invitate by the Navalamenca's event. But before...
I pick up Martina in Barcelona's aeroport where we follow the road in the direction of Can Bouquet. It's small place of bouldering where we rest a little bit and to start the trip of climbing. Unfortunely, the rain came the second day but we had just a short time to send each other "The Machine" in 6c.
The Machine - 6c
Then, the evening came but with Mrs Rain came too. Suck ! So we decided to move directly in Navalosa. Remember the famous movie from Petzl !

Navalameca 70's
envoyé par Petzl-crew. - Regardez plus de vidéo de sport et de sports extrêmes.

The first day, we was tired and we couldn't move anymore after 6 hours to drive. Joder ! The rest is the best solution to found again the power. Then, I decided to try again a project in 6c but I neeed to admit that the climbing isn't all time in your brain. I mean to be motivate is not in an union with your body who is dead.
After the session, one car is close the mine and we are a little bit afraid of the consequence. Because we are 2 days before the event and already people comes. Mmmmmhhh, It's gona be full ! Then all days, my car was the place where all people stopped to drink a coffee and to speack with us. Amaizing, cause like the coffee's bar !
Well, the event stayed with a lot of spain cry all the day : "Vamos, Joder, Cabrone, Venga bichos". It's nice but sometimes when you have some sticky mens around the car and they start like this when you wake up. Sometimes, you wants to kill someone !
After Navalosa, we traveled in Albaracin where by accident, we met a french couple that I knowed from Targassone's place and two spain climber tat Martina met in India. Serioustly and that's why I travel ; you are sure to discover many culture and differents ambients.
Hopefully, we had a really nice time for 10 days. What you wants more in the life ? Except the sun, the climbing and womens. I ask nothing else ! I love my life !
Now just 5 rest days also to start the WILD ONE's movie.

See ya ! Peace and Love and check the movie from Navalosa
Philippe Ribiere

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