samedi 18 septembre 2010


Hi all climbers,

Long time that I didn't write on this blog. Well ! I went the first time on the old school's place : Mouries.
Mouries is a place where I'm sure that a lot of climber will don't understand the technical. Remember that you have two foots who can serve at something. This wall is really slap and you needs to learn the first ambient of the competitors during the 90's years with Lynn Hill, Isabelle Patissier, Laurent Jacob, Jean-Luc Droyer nand many others.
So funny to have the kick-back on your face. Hihihihhiiii ! But in real, it's not really funny but pretty good to learn more the beggin of the climbing.

Well ! After I went in Ceüse with my best friend Pierre-Philippe where we started the climbing in the same club. Ceuse was the first step where we decided to go after his first car. We was youngest and strongest that now. After 8 years without to pratice the climbing, P-Phi found again the plaisur to sleep outside in the tent and myself in my car. Damned ! We had the nice time two of us and we was like two kids in the playground. All night, we listen the teckno sound and around neebars wasn't happy by our stupidities things but we joked.
We traveld like this because we have starting the new project movie "Wild One".

Ok ! Now I goes with Martina in Navalosa to participat at an event called Navalamenca.
I come back the first october...

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