dimanche 6 juin 2010

Chullanka show Room : 5th June 2010

This 5th saturday, I have been in Antibes close the famous town of Cannes. Everybody knows the popular festival of the cinema in Cannes with the tourist, the big star of the actors and the luxe. You know, in reality the city in not really beautiful, even if you goes on the beach. Around you, there is the big boats with the richs man and that, I hate. Everybody show that he have a lot of money. Beeeurk ! It's smell the bull shit ! But I'm curious also to give my opinion.
Well ! After to play at the toursit, I worked on the Chullanka's shop in Antibes where my North Face brand organized two dates to represent the french climber who do many thing about the handicap climbing.
Before my lecture, I was climbing with the kids who have the natural instinct to climb on the wall. Amazing ! A second thing that I like with them, It's that never they don't considerate the people with the vicious eyes. The children are innocents and oven years, the lose the illusions. Why ? Just the lows of the society are driven and in the end, I still keep my innocence. A blessing in disguise ? Just the futur will know that...
Sushi lunch
Finally after one hours of the showoom, I told with the particpants who are really interest by my philosophy of the life and the climbing. I'm a little proud each time when the people ask me the strange questions because I can progress moreless and moreless fast. It's better for my health brain and to considerate my body like you have.
Looks ! The handicap is similar of the painting or sculptural object. Never, it's linear and so, why the people don't considerate their body like a gift of the natural. In the woods, nobody judge someone and so, why the humans judge ? The secret of the answer is in your conscience....

Next time in Metz for the 12th June...>>>

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