dimanche 13 juin 2010

Chullanka show Room : 12th June 2010

Again a week-end to travel by the south to the north of the France, in METZ for the Chullanka's shop. Well !
This lecture was interesting because I was so calm after the last article about Nick. I have more energies now to do some lecture and to represent the disabled people same if I need to admit to be distrub by a subject.
Someone write me last week to explain me that I'm a man. Amazing because I know that but sometime I need to hearl that to be proud or to be correct with my feeling.
Really good to accept tha someone, in this univers could be love me and to live with my body. Even this person will be really strong face at the bad eyes.
This week-end, I have learn that with the kids. They are so perfect with their eyes and their feeling. You knows ? Also to start the show, I have climbing with the child and some adult to try the climb. When the parents looked me, I fell that they are impress by myself and my climb. In reality, they feels that because we are the adults and the kids keep the innocence. That's why, I explained at the people that I keep my innocence, my madness, my childishness and manything to live in the real and to speack with my hearth.

Sometimes, we close our hearth because the laws of the society prevents us to see aroud us that in this world, only the animals are the happiest. Why ? Because they live without the money. F..ck the system, the money and the junk foods.
Well ! I finish this post to pack my bag because wenesday I will leave in Ireland.

Keep the love.


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