vendredi 30 avril 2010

Small trip in Bleau

Last week, i went in Petzl's firm to work for my "Evolution" movie. Litlle bit stress cause i've a lot of idea now and i don't know how i could start this amaizing history.
Well ! Saturday, we went in Font with Julien Nadiras to join some friends from slovenia.
I have profited to do the special interview of Natalija Gros who came with the slovenia team also the world cup who start the 6th may 2010. Be patient to read that !
Natalija Gros in "Les Beaux Quartiers"

For myself, nothing special, except my injuries but i wanted to do the special "La Prestat" in Cuvier and to enjoy the moment with my friends.
"Attention Chef d'Oeuvre" by Martina

I liked it and it was so great to meet again the climbers that i met during the journey of last year. Amaizing and little bit nostalgic of that !
"La Prestat"

After all emotions, we came back in Grenoible to visit the famous place : Rioouperoux.
Like what we don't need to drive a thousand kilometres to discover the hard problem in the world. In the end session, i spoke at someone that the river up so fast and that maybe we can died. Just enough time to blink the eyes that the water carried the staff. We were so afraid that to died. Remeber the "Little Big Man" movie, at the end sentences, the chief said "Comes and Fight with myself. It's good day to died". Sic...something real !
Julien Nadiras sends a nice boulder

Bye, bye everybody !

nb: next plans in Melloblocco to show a movie.

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