lundi 19 avril 2010

Beautiful week-end

Friday, I went with Cavaillon's crew in my place : Pougnadoress
It's complicate now with the spring, sometimes it's like the summler. immlagine in the afternoon, the temp was area 25°. No normal situation !
We tried the "Y-5" traverse who a 7a not so hard but quiet long for me. Shit ! I prefere to fight and to discovers the news mouvments just for mine and just to accept the defeates and that's normal because the life is not easier.
During, 3 weeks now, i eat everyday and everytime, the "Macrobiotic" who is my help to save my body because when you eat some junk food (transgenic, freeze, hybrides, fast food,etc), the proteines goes in the stomach and after goes in the blood. Everybody knows that ! The first consequences are directly in your face : under eyes, cheeks, the nose, the fingers. . After that, the mental health is right or not. That's why sometimes when you're sick or sad ; It's because you eat so bad. No ? Looks around you in the woods, explains me wich animals is bad, sadly and sick. Why the human creat the diseases ?
To concluse this part : " Only one life is this world but after there is a second life like an animal, insects, flowers, wind or the SUN.

Well ! After 4 years in the pratice - except last year with Evolution Tour - I have never sick anymore in my mind, my body, my stomach. Why ? I invitate you to read a book from Georges Osawa. And after, i think that everybody could progress in the true spirit and not the fucking fashion life. If it's works on me and why not for you ? Understanding me ?

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