dimanche 20 décembre 2009


During one month, i hadn't the internet and it's was matter to reach the natural.
My first goal was the famous place of Navalosa. Remember you when the Team (click on Navalamenca's 70) had climbing with the strange clothes.
The first day, my focus was to open the new boulder area 5km and i finds a lot of rock. It's amaizing place but the wind kill you when you're in the altitude. The lucky day came quicly, i had the power and i did for the session a 6b and a 6c+ with "Cocouniettes" (sit start). I fell good because i had realze just 5 tries. It was the surpise and a good suprise.

"Cocouniettes" sit start 6c+

After, i have been in Albaracin. I had like this site but if you don't know the nice problems ; you can pass the time to force for nothing. Without the guide, i was with two spanish climbers.
All the days, we had a nice sun but the evening was so so cold like -4° degrees to sleep in the bus. Damned ! I killed...
I had the blow on my foots after many runs in the project maybe area 6c....
After 2 weeks to boulder, i was climbing with Chris and Daila in Santa Lyna. There was some stars climbers like Thomas Mrazek, Joey Kinder, the japanese crew, Muriel Sarkany and even the spain crew... I stayed 3 days with them but the snow came to change my plans for be strong. Finally i'm so strong to rest in the sofa. Snif ! I'm here in Catalunya and there is the snow. What's happening ?
The last day, i came back in Santa Lyna to show my body for the Maria professional photographer. Nice meeting with her

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