lundi 28 décembre 2009

EVOLUTION TOUR : First Week in France

After the rest of the week, i have been in my boulder site : La Capelle
Nobody here because it's the Christmas but for myself, it was the perfect moments to change my life again. I have move of my hold apartment, who s so dirty after one year to travel in the Europe. It's really better to do it that now !
Well, well, well ! I'm pretty nostalgic of all my friends that i met and sometimes i asked me if it was the real life or a dream. Hopefully, i've my angel who is coming soon and who protect me all time ! Well, i had watch some tapes for the next movie and definetly it's right...It was real !
The week-end, i fell a little bit fat on the rock but pretty interesting for the next project in 7a. I had change my climb, my spirit and many things and it's amaizing when i closed my arms. I've the FORCE !
My friend - Lafouche - maked some pictures with the new staff and check it down the results. I'm so glad to climb with him after one year. I feels good ! Tatataaaataaaa !!!
See you in 2010...

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