jeudi 24 décembre 2009

EVOLUTION TOUR : The end of history

What's happening ? In Spain, there was a lot of snow and what to decide ? Return in France but for what ?

After one year to travel, i had change many personals things. I met many people so nice, i discover more love with the natural and more about myself. Often, i comparated me with Christopher Mc Candless because i like this historie and sometimes i like him. Nice inspirations !
I wants to talk more of this journey but i have the nostalgic to come back in my pace. I love all my friends but i'm admit that i'm afraid to the real life, the society, the humans, the money....anything about "Babylone" but i live with the strange world.
What i can do it to resolve this hatred ? My answer is utopist : Peace and Love.
Do you think that is possible ? Looks the animals can live without the violence. The scientifics said that the humans is the smartest mammals of this univers. I'm not sure of that !
I love just my angel who protect me all the time and same with the thousand miles.
After 3 hours to drive, i'm in France and excatly in Targassone. During 3 days, I have been to swim in the hot watter around the snow, to climb and some parties. I feels good ! This beggining part of the france remember me that Evolution Tour is stop but the new travel is soon...
I give you more details when we will start the new project....
Thanks you at everybody who follows me during one year. It was important for me and i can just says : THANKS SO MUCH
Thanks all my partners : PETZL who continue to believe me, NORTH FACE, LA SPORTIVA, BEAL, JULBO and CHIMPANZEE BAR and GRIMPER.

French history here with more pictures here >>>

Philippe RIBIERE

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