samedi 21 novembre 2009

EVOLUTION TOUR : Sintra by Night

Last 2 days ago, i went with the small Sintra's crew in Malveira to climb. For myself, it was a liitle bit strange because to climb by night without know the style of the rock, to put the foots, many things like this who lost my climbing sernsations but it was so pretty to meet the crew.
I met Pena, Rasta and "Mariachi" who are so quiet and cool. I had make some pictures but the next time, i'll take my tripod and to try again.
Pena in action...a muerte.

The next day after the ight in Capucho's place, i went in Meca's place where i find my project in 6b+ but so hight alone and i had scarrie to fall on the ground because there is a rock. I wish that the next, there is the band of Sintra for spot me and do it.
Before, i will need to speack with the univers to have a communication with my angel.

Hasta luego

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