mercredi 18 novembre 2009

EVOLUTION TOUR : Dios con el sol SINTRA (Portugal)

Ola todos,

now, I'm in Sintra since last sunday. Monday evening when i cames back in my car, i had found a dog who slept just close. Surprise but it's not Christmas and so i searched to give the dog at the police mens but they didn't want this animal. also, i returned in my place and i met (because the dog smell the gril) a couple who was so quiet. finally, i had decided to speack with them. The next is so incredible and i followed the man, francisco who pratice the Yoga. Cool !
It's like this after that yesterday i slept in the Francisco's place and we praticed the yoga, to eat the Indian food, blablaaa...
Today, the sun is here nd we taken a nice break feast.
Francisco Rodriguez
At 6:00 pm, i will goes to climb by the night session with Ricardo and Macau - the locals - and friday i will tries again the surfing with Francisco.
See you or Hasta luego !

nb: simple words for my angel who leave in Argentina! Follows her at this link >>>
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