mercredi 21 octobre 2009


Last week, i had an interview with the french tv. Click on the part "Handicap et Escalade".
Ande the Low Down blog (english)
Extract " Philippe, who was born with the Rubinstein-Taybi syndome, is: climber, President of l'association Handi-Grimpe Sportif de haut niveau, fire juggler, musician, etc, etc. Quite an interesting guy!
We should perhaps consider ourselves lucky Philippe discovered climbing. If not,
it's very possible the world would be...a less nice place to be. In his own words he could otherwise be "the
winner of the « Nobel Prize Bullshiteur»-award. I could be the fucking junk food, to work with Jean Sarkozy, H1N1 virus, president of Sweden, the viagra and the sex toys. And to be your master and you, my slave". As the more intelligent of my readers have possibly understood by now, you mustn't take all Philippe
says too seriously...
Currently he's doing the Evolution-tour. I decided to make an interview."

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