lundi 12 octobre 2009

EVOLUTION TOUR : Come Back in Font


Now i'm in Bleau for one month with only one week in Spain with Petzl Team.
Bleau isn't bleau without the rain. So, i had need to be patient and to return at my highest level and so, i had training three days. Before, i did'nt understand why the climbers are training and now i know what the feelings. Accept my body, my powerfull, my smart and my new focus to progress.
Today, monday, i'll goes to try some project in Font with 6b and 6c.
I will found the energy in the sky because my angel give me the strengh.

For the french part, there is an interview at 2:00 pm with Marmit Fm (88.4)
Johana S., the presenter
Sunday, there will be my event "HANDI-GRIMPE" for the disabled climber. Check here >>> and here >>>

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