samedi 11 juillet 2009

EVOLUTION TOUR : Gernmany, Danemark and Norvege

Hi everybody,

Last time, i was been in Natural Games for jungle with Djemdi's band. It was really great cause they are so really nice and to less me the stage for put the fire and to send my energies with my poetry who spoke of the univers world.

After that, i driven for Danemark but before i stopped in Fontainebleau for only one week and it was a litlle hot. Immediatly, i move it for Free Climber with the small kid (18 months) who climbs as the best climber. So funny !
Get out Philippe ! Goes to Hirstalls (Danemarkj) waits my car and myself on the beach...just to wait.
It was so hard to sleep cause there is the minight sun and your mind din't understand when the day finish and taht's why i didn't slept very well !
Maybe it's a good training before Norway where i am now since 3 days with my friend : Andreas
See you

Philippe Ribiere

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