dimanche 31 mai 2009


Return at the history....

Last time, i was been in Trento for a lecture. The slideshow was so great with the audience was captived by my temoignage and i had some plaisurs for give my energies. The next morning, Gianuluca show me the famous place in Val Daone just in the north of Trento. This place have 100 problems boulder area in the valley. So amaizing, i stayed during one week-end with a nice weather, shower in the river, sleeping, climbing, and same eating the flowers.

6b High-Ball

I was little tired after Melloblocco and my fingers are not right and i learned to stay quiet. It's goods lessons ! Sometimes i made the fire show with nice sky and shooting stars It's unique !

Stefano, the actif local

Finish my hard week, i went in Nuovocampobase, small boulder-gym but with goods vibrations. We spent good times with "bella donas" and diner in restaurant. Azalea, the chief of Nuovocampobase in MellobloccoI hate when i rest just one night cause you have nice moments and this time for get out but the life is life. Ciao tutti !
Just a small night and got to Cresciano and Chironico. I wanted to look the famous in Cresciano and i wasn't disapointed. Just a small problem : 35° in the afternoon and for bouldering it's little hard. Hihihihhiii...I looked the famous Dreamtime and i tried with my austria friends Armin and Jacob, 6c problem. 6c boulder

The time is short, i went in Bern for french lecture in ambassade. Woke up at 5:30 am. This is ptty because the association handicap was invitate by french gouvernement ddidn't came but i met the ambassador who was came to lunch in the nice restaurant. Smart ! 5 hours laters, i got directly in Magic Wodd and to climb "a muerté". We was in an international place : US, Norway, Austria, Deutch, Italiano and only french guy. It was so hard to communicat my feelings with this band : amazing ! End "Super Nova"
Andrea from Norway sends in warm up a 7a

I wanted to stay more week but i was an other goals : meeting with Nicole's brothers. We passed 4 days together and i learned again for my new focus to pogress in the graduation boulder. We had a goods plaisur to climb with switzerland locals. Working 6c Fred and François Nicole : famous nice guys It's was the bests moments for change my style with an 6c problem. Hopefully, Fred find just at the end of sunday, a method for me but it wasn't enought. Maybe, i will return the next 2 weeks....I wish more happiness for this great family. Thanks you for your welcome !

Now, I'm in france for Explos's festival, the 5th June with Chris Sharma, Arnaud Petit et Stephanie Bodet and Laurent Triay.

I would like to propose many pictures and more long history but i want to sleep now. So I met many people who give more energies and the confident. So i learned many things for my future.

I kiss all girls and boys. Don't worries and Take care everybody !

See ya in Natural Games for 27-28-29 june 2009.

Philippe Ribiere

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  1. Pourquoi écrire en anglais ?
    Dommage!Mais bonne route quand même.

  2. Hello Petitou, c'est Petz. Sympa de voir des photos de la journée à Plex. J'espère que ça pas été trop difficile de nous supporter :-) Bonne continuation de trip...

  3. pas de problemes...j'ai encore les reilles qui sifflent