dimanche 16 avril 2017

Short videos


I have to admit that I was missing in the action to not write anything on this blog Well! Shortly I will say that I went to Paris to make some photo-shooting with the Nograd athletes and after it I went two days in Font for the stretching. But thankfully I met couple friends in a restaurant and then I got trapped by the climbing. I am mostly meaning that I did not prepare the April trip to climb in Font and somewhere else. Since I met again Jimmy Webb after the good times of last years, suddenly the squad was formed with him, Dave Graham, Tchad Greedy, Isabelle Faus, Keenan Takahashi, Kevin Smith, Hannah Donnely and Parker Yamakasi. What supposed to be a week trip became a month and half trip. After the hot temperatures and good projects done, we moved to Balvonia and Magic Wood !!! Now you know why I am absent of this blog See you around guys!!! Philipe Ribiere

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