jeudi 16 février 2017


The last week, I went for a trip with a friend of mine to discover a crag calls Mollans

First I am not so fan of the lead climbing but I treat myself.  In fact, it is not true that I don't like. I should say more I have fears to fall like a beginners. In 2003, before to create my Handi-Grimpe event, I was checking and climbing some easy routes in a new crag that we were bolted with 3 friends. This day I climbed this easy line when on the top I broke the hold and I felt 10 meters. That is ok! But when the belayer is not attentive at all, I finished my falling on my head and knocked my right knew. Finally, I finish off in emergencies with points on my head. Since this day I am cowardly !!!

With the sunshine, we drove to the south of the France near Buis-les-Baronnies where at least I did the Youth National Competition in 1995. For a good memory and important memory when it was the first time that climbers see for the first time, an handicapped in the competition. It was me ! From this competition came the idea to develop the Para-climbing category came to my mind to finally exist after  13 years of work as a volunteer (not by choice).

Only 2hours driving, we parked on the place. Despite the strong wind, I had the envy to crush lines.
On the positive emotions, I warmed up in the 6a+ route where I could not feel any sensation in my fingers. That is really weird to enjoy the climbing. I thought I could be like R-Kelly who believe he can fly.

My partner set up the rope for me on the next challenge 7a route. Huge step on my climbing, after the training with my slovenian trainer who can see now the benefits of our hard works. I move really better with my body because my fingers are stronger but for sure because they are more extended.
Like says a good friend of mine " you have a second life of climber. So many opportunities are front of me".
I really starts to think the truth and It is so awesome to climb like valid climbers.

Well! I finished my trip after only 3 days of this F@@G wind who stopped my motivation.  Glad to see how I progress a lot, I can not wait to push and to train more for the next challenges.

Philippe Ribiere

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