jeudi 2 février 2017


Dear friends. This week-end I will launch with a partnership, the french Grimper Magazine, my next movie that I will offer to you, for free.

Important step in my career, I want to share with you what is also to be for the last 15 years as a professional rock climber. I dedicate the movie to all the climbing community to help me (on somehow) to grow as a valid person as I should.

Old Casa Prod - 2003

I dedicate the last 13 year to push the international federations to create what it calls for already 5 years, the Para-climbing category (for handicapped people). When I stopped to travel for a year after 26 years to visit all around the world, I dedicate my time to clean up and to open new boulders in my paradise because I find out I did not participate so much in the evolution of climbing. Now I do a lot !!!!

I am proud to get the full package to consider myself being in the climbing world which always accepted me as a HUMAN.
By the sarcastic and ridiculous politic ambient, it is my gift to propose you to consider your neighbors as a member of family, not to going in the extremist action to kill them with stupid arguments which makes ALL THE WORLD in the sadness because these presidents think that they are the best and superiors people in the universe. They forget that we are a SMALL to compare than the nature who slap us by the climate changes. BE CAREFUL!

Self Portrait- 2016

Now, we step on the CIVIL WAR. What to do to stop it? BE AN HUMAN !!!!

I really thank my sponsors who follow me and helps me during my entire career : Petzl -  La Sportiva Nograd 

I really thank all people who did not believe on me during the project of the Para-climbing

I really thank all people who came, come and will cone to listen my lecture. I wish you the best Peace and LOVE Philippe Ribiere- rock climber

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