mardi 21 juillet 2015


For those last days I am not in the shape but I am slowly going back to my natural way of life.
 As I professional climber I love to open new boulders and so on I wanted to give an homage to my friend, Jure Breceljnik, the filmmaker of WILD ONE who leave me alone by the death of the Wednesday.
I am still choked about all my histories but I do remember that Jure told me "If one day I die, keep the smile and the wildness for me".
This is what I am still doing for you, my brother.

I opened a new line in the Magic Wood paradise place and I gave the name of "Zivali" to my boulder. Zivali means "animal', "wild" or "sauvage". Jure was like me " Zivali".

I go again to the normal life and to enjoy the rest of the time I have in this univers

See you around the world

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