samedi 30 mai 2015


For a month, I spend my time to clean, to brush and to climb some new problems around my place. I injured my knee one month ago on a strange movement. I tried to repeat an hight problem with my friends and to benefit to have bunch crash-pads. I was a bit too much psyched to climb after my last trips in Fontainebleau but my body did not react as I wished. My hell hook was too close of my right hand when I wanted to stand up on it but my knee twisted on the same time. I could not even continue my progression on the problem. After this, I spent my time to rest and to occupy my time as a lion in the cage. Thankfully and a bit stun born, I visited a forest at 5 minutes of my house.  I was right to be stun born because I have find a lot of boulders in the granite quality. I went up and down for all afternoon and I got my trophy : 20 boulders.
The thing is when I really started to clean up those amazing lines I could not even think I will get more than 20 problems. This energy drives me back to my passion. I recognize just my lack of time during my travels to have a consideration for people who devote their souls, energies and time to bolt lines for the rope climbing and the same for boulders. On somehow even I did not wait after 21 years of climbing to give back the gifts that they give us. All climbers can climb because there are a lot of people who work for them and mostly they do for free. This is the passion !!!
When I am alone in this forest I imagine that my friends and the next climbers will be happy to climb on my boulders, Also I am kind of proud to devote my time to have -probably - a clean conscience not to be only a consumer who at the end, to complain because problems are not clean properly for the climbing practice.  That is the life! Be happy that climbers spend the time to propose the lines and boulders and we should to be grateful for it!

At the end, my conscience is a bit more clean and cleaver.
Next time I cold not blame anyone
Next time I will close up my mouth!!!

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