dimanche 18 janvier 2015

Rumeurs Vagabondes - V6

In 2008, a friend of mine advised me to try a V6 boulder grade. On the first reaction I thought he made a bad joke but after to check holds and the line I was thinking : why not to try?

One week later after finishing some previous boulders I went to try " Rumeurs Vagabondes" V6. This boulder is located in La Capelle's place not so far the romania small town : Uzes.

I wear my climbing shoes and slowly going to found the beta for my body. As you know if you already some previous posts I don't any force in my forearms. It means the story changes all the boulder.
After couple tries on the hardest movement I was starting slowly to believe I could get a chance and to climb my first V6 or 7a for european grade.

Day after day and week after week, at least, 2 months I visited and I tried a lot this amazing and exhaustive boulder.  and one day I got with a miracle to ascent all the Rumeurs Vagabondes -V6.

It was a big surprising and I could not realize I climb my first 7a which for me could be compared with a 8a for the regular climber. Even if the comparison doesn't work so simply like this but just for your understanding it is faster to explain like this

Well! After 6 years to travel like crazy in all around the world with my @Evolution Tour journey and the Wild One documentary I needed a break to refund myself on the performance.

The 3rd janurary 2015, I went without expectations to re-climb this line. The same process, I tried to remember all the hardest movement and slowly I fell in the shape.
After 3 hours to spend on this boulder, I got again the end.

Finally! I am not a finished climber, not getting old at all and I see news and others perspectives.

To end the topic I propose the movie about this problem that I never get a chance to film before.

Rumeurs Vagabondes V6 from Info RIBIERE on Vimeo.

I say a big thank to my slovenian friends who push me to progress, to believe on me, to be cool.

A big thank to Urh Cehovin to trust me on my training. Hvala lepa!!!

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