samedi 24 janvier 2015

Lost in Arabia

During the Petzl Road Trip I met Read Macadam and Tara Atkinson who are really awesome couple. Well!
One day we were talking about Oman where Read is living. He told me that there is so much potential for the bouldering that I did not take a time to have a decision and I say right away " Yes I come". 
After november, Read reminds me his proposition. I am so aware about many things that I decided to travel in Oman. Accidentally or not, it comes in the same time where the France country is tin the disorder and in the mess.
Read Macadam in action

Now I will let you know what is my opinion and just mine. I am writing on my name.
I feel an horrible mechanism from the french government who could really do easy in the purpose to make a bad propaganda about religions who are not the christianize. How it is possible that after the terrorism of last week, the Charlie Hebdo makes so much money to sail the journal? How comes widows can talk right away about the death of their husband in the most popular magazine? How come we have so many details about the killing? Everything sounds like the September 11 ? We became really puppets and it is horrible?
I only hope no to write and to think bad and I wish to be the idiot.
What I want to say in this comment is that when I arrived in South Arabia I did not feel any fear. Even more I feel the compassion to them who did not ask the bad vibrations.
It is funny also to think that here as a disabled person, nobody lough about my difference and even no one makes attention to me. People are peace and friendly so much that I can't believe what we are mixing about them and their religion. Because we are just treating them as horrible persons that in fact it is just because some idiots plays at the Playstation for real.
On my name, I suspect the France to make everything to demonize everything doesn't like them : the supreme arrogance. After the war with guns, all states are making the social war which is more horrible and malicious.
Please, human, stop it !!!

So I came the 21st Janurary to stop first in the Dubai's aeroport. Few minutes I really fell the peace around me and even in the border. So friendly and polite people who ask only thing : to be your friend. Then Read came with a friend, Miguel Wills to pick me up and we drove 4 hours to join the Oman city, And between I got my visa in the border. The person in charge of it was so smiling and so happy to see a french guy. I am happy too. 
Without any problem we arrived at 6 am in Read's place. Just 4 hours to sleep we went to Kubra. It is a canyon where there is the rope climbing and also the bouldering which is my favorite activity. 
Flashing 6B

Next day, we are the 24th Janurary and we are back to Kubra spot. What an amazing day in my career of climber? Knowing that I did not sleep well for 2 days (only 4hrs per night) I fell the calm on myself. We starts to film the climbing daily. I warm up slowly and I decided to test myself on one boulder who graded 6B. Without expectations I sit on the crash-pad. Grabbing the old on the sit-start, breathing and let's go for a try. After few secondes I was on the top and I did my first 6B flash.
AMAZING! I can't believe. 

Half hour later I went on the second 6B of the day and I climbed this after 4-5 tries. BOUM!!! I did two 6B during the day. 

I lived the best day of my climbing career. AWESOME!!! 

To be continued....

Oman Spot 1 from Info RIBIERE on Vimeo.

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