jeudi 17 avril 2014

MACEDONIA : summer trip

Petzl crew in Macedonia 

Last week I have been in Macedonia with Petzl crew composed of Melissa Le Neve, Dani Andrada, Ethan Pringle, Paul Robinson and I. We made the shooting film by 3stringsproductions, directed by Keith Ladzinski. I can not wait to see the film for the Petzl crash pads. It will be awesome!

For me I was proud to show at the Petzl and friends climbers what I was talking for 2 years at Petzl for this new sport I call " european Bishop". It was nice to see climbers psyched to look all potential that Mrs Nature gives us. It was also nice to see them to be included in the slovenian culture and macedonian tradition around parties, diners, conversations and else.
I can not wait to see the result for the Petzl Roc Trip 2014.

Be patient the teaser is coming...or watch my movie of 2 years ago

Official Macedonia film from Info RIBIERE on Vimeo.

Enjoy and come to join us for this new incredible experience. And I will play the music as a dj all nights if you need.

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