lundi 6 janvier 2014

New Year, new moon, new season of competition

A lot of things changes in my life for those last 2009 year until this new year. Even I would love to talk about it I can't because it is too private. But those moments drives my life differently.
Firstly I guess to take the good choice to make my life as I wished. 
I wished to be a man who will travel a lot. I did for 17 years, I do and I will do again and again.
I wanted to be kind of professional climber and now I live like. Thank you my sponsors which support me for already 15 years. Proudly I am still in the game! 
I wished to be free without any boss, any mentor above my head to teach or to order how to drive my life, my opinions, etc. I am Philippe, a simple man.
Now after 3 years, my wishes happens in the competition : the Paraclimbing. I got the bronze medale in the World Championships in 2011, the bronze medal in European Championships in 2013. I wishe for myself better results but first there is the law of the sport. Nothing can always go in your way. You have to get the failures!!!

So after the 21st december 2013 where I went to France for the selection of the new athletes in the French Team Paraclimbing. After months of the training, this test and to wait 2 weeks,,,,I am again in! 
Now stop to talk! Let's go to train as usually 5 days in the week for 3/4hours of the session.

I can not wait to fight to prove to myself that I can be regular on my motivation. Whenever what could happen, I have to experience and to have no regrets? I say many time "If you don't try you will never know". 

See you around the world.

Regards from Ljubljana

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